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FlatUp! opens up new ways to organize your household in shared living the way you always wanted. Living together is challenging sometimes – not anymore.

Perfect for couples living together or housemates in shared living.

With our housemates app FlatUp! you never lose track and can concentrate on the finer things of living with your roommates. From anywhere – whenever.

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Grocery list

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Free up space in your brain, housemates

App for couples

Living together


Perfect for shared flats


Keep track of everything


More holiday – less trouble


  • Create household tasks
  • Schedule chores
  • Keep them informed whats been checked off


  • Synchronized calendar
  • Add absences, visitors, or shared events
  • Get reminded of flatmates birthdays

Grocery list

  • Shared grocery list
  • Add items 
  • favorite items are saved for quick-add

Split bills

  • track expenses
  • manage debt with no trouble
  • remove any doubt around group or household purchases

Group chats & shouts

  • start group chats & shouts and react to them
  • birthday chats for everyone except the birthday girl/boy – perfect to prepare a gift
  • list of all activities on your timeline

Perfect app for couples, flatmates and families!

Housemates, let’s go!

With FlatUp! you can finally manage your household the way you always wanted to. Enter events, visits or absences in your shared calendar. Or use the grocery list so that everyone can contribute to the next cooking session and then conveniently share the expenses with our checkout function. The chores schedule makes cleaning fun and easy for you.

So you never lose track of things and can concentrate on the nice things in your house. Whether as a flatmates app, a family app or a couples app.

FlatUp! Upgrade your flat!

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Upgrade your flat!

The FlatUp! app is the newest member of your household. With the shared calendar, chores schedule, grocery list and split bills function, you can easily organise your household. With just one household app.